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1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students With Details

Have you completed your bachelor's degree? and planning to move to Canada for pursue a postgraduation. Well, most of you might be thinking of doing a PG diploma because a degree can cost you an arm and a leg.

Let us tell you that opting for a PG diploma is a great option if you are unable to manage finances for a postgraduation degree.

Although making the decision to do a PG diploma in Canada is easy, when it comes to the choice of program, it becomes a challenge. So, in this blog, IBT Overseas research & development team let you know about the various 1-year PG Diploma courses in Canada for international students.

Let's choose the finest course of your choice....

   1.1 Sales and Marketing

   1.2 Accounting and Finance 

   1.3 Engineering

   1.4 Computer Science 

   1.5 Tourism and Hospitality

   1.6 Law 

   1.7 Medical Science 

  2. FAQ 

  3. Wrap Up

1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Sales and Marketing

Whether you are a commerce student or a student from any other stream if you are planning to develop your career in sales and marketing, the below-mentioned course options are the best for you: 

  • PG Diploma in Marketing Management

  • PG Diploma in Business Administration

  • PG Diploma in Sales

  • PG Diploma in Strategic Relationship Marketing

  • PG Diploma in Digital Marketing

  • PG Diploma in Sport and Event Marketing

  • PG Diploma in Marketing and Consumer Studies

  • PG Diploma in Hospitality Marketing

  • PG Diploma in Social Media Marketing

  • PG Diploma in Marketing and Data Analytics

  • PG Diploma in Strategic Marketing and Communications

  • PG Diploma in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 

1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Accounting and Finance 

The master's diploma courses for students who want to develop their careers in accounting and finance are given below: 

  • PG Diploma in Financial Planning

  • PG Diploma in Professional Financial Services

  • PG Diploma in Insurance Management

  • PG Diploma in Professional Accounting Practice 

  • PG Diploma in Accounting

  • PG Diploma in Financial Risk Management

  • PG Diploma in International Accounting and Finance 

  • PG Diploma in Financial Analysis

  • PG Diploma in Financial Accountability

  • PG Diploma in Accounting Studies 

  • PG Diploma in Intermediate Accounting

  • Pg Diploma in Financial Technology

  • PG Diploma in Computerized Financial Management 

  • PG Diploma in Business Accounting

1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Engineering

Don’t think that engineering courses are for three or four years. You can opt for an engineering diploma course and complete it in one year. The engineering courses available at Canadian universities are given below: 

  • PG Diploma in Process Quality Engineering

  • PG Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • PG Diploma in Environmental Engineering 

  • PG Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • PG Diploma in Civil Engineering

  • PG Diploma in Construction Engineering and Management

  • PG Diploma in Robotics and Industrial Automation

  • PG Diploma in Quality System Engineering

  • PG Diploma in Aerospace Engineering 

  • PG Diploma in Transportation Engineering 

1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Computer Science 

In this digital era, there is a high demand for students who have a vast knowledge of Computer Science. The PG Diploma courses in Computer Science available at Canadian universities is given below: 

  • PG Diploma in Computer Application development

  • PG Diploma in Computer Application Security

  • PG Diploma in Cloud Data Management 

  • PG Diploma in Computer and Information Systems

  • PG Diploma in Software Development

  • PG Diploma in Data Analytics

  • PG Diploma in Information Systems Business Analytics

  • PG Diploma in Machine Learning

  • PG Diploma in Programming Languages 

  • PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

  • PG Diploma in Computer Networking

1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Tourism and Hospitality 

The diploma courses offered by the universities in Canada in Tourism and Hospitality are given below: 

  • PG Diploma in Tourism-Travel Services

  • PG Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • PG Diploma in Global Tourism 

  • PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism Business Management

  • PG Diploma in Food Tourism 

  • PG Diploma in Tourism Travel Services Management 

  • PG Diploma in Hospitality Event Management 

1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Law 

If you want to pursue a PG Diploma in Law in Canada but don’t have knowledge of the courses available at the universities, the following list will surely help you a lot: 

  • PG Diploma in Global Sustainability and Environmental Law

  • PG Diploma in Law and Technology

  • PG Diploma in Law and Social Justice

  • PG Diploma in Legislative Studies

  • PG Diploma in Notarial Law

  • PG Diploma in Applied Legal Studies

  • PG Diploma in Police Studies

  • PG Diploma in Criminology

  • PG Diploma in Crime Analytics 

1 Year PG Diploma in Medical Science 

If you are from the medical science stream and want to enroll in a diploma course in Medical Science, the below-mentioned recommendations will help you choose a suitable course: 

  • PG Diploma in Health Informatics 

  • PG Diploma In Medicine

  • PG Diploma in Pharmacy

  • PG Diploma in Nursing

  • PG Diploma in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

  • PG Diploma in Clinical Science 


Ques 1) Do Canadian universities offer 1-year PG Diploma courses to international students? 

Ans) Yes, Canadian universities offer 1-year PG Diploma courses to international students. 

Ques 2) Which engineering diploma courses are available in Canada? 

Ans) Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Transport6ation Engineering, etc. are some engineering diploma courses available in Canada. 

Ques 3) Do Universities in Canada offer 1-year diploma courses in Law? 

Ans) Yes, a wide range of 1-year diploma courses in Law are offered by universities in Canada. 

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To conclude, we hope the lists given above will help you choose a suitable pg diploma course in the field of your interest. If you are still confused, it is better to seek help from the best Canada visa consultants to make the best decision. IBT Overseas is a leading team of Canada student visa consultants, help students in visa filing process.

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