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Marywood University is a popular university in the United States that offers all the resources, services and quality that a prestigious university should offer. The professional and supportive staff helps students realize their goals, perspectives, talents and purposes. This way, they provide them with the best guidance in order to give a perfect shape to their careers. The intakes available at the university are fall and spring and the acceptance rate is 82% for international students. What makes Marywood University well-known in the world is its high-impact approach to education and world-class faculty. 

Why Choose Marywood University? 

Is it still unclear why you should choose Marywood University to pursue higher education in the USA? If yes, then the points given below will surely ward off your confusion: 

  • Affordable: Marywood University is an affordable choice if you want to attain high-quality education abroad. Not only the fee structure of the courses at the university is less but the university also provides scholarships and financial aid to the students. 

  • A wide range of academic programs: Whether you are planning to enroll in a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree, you will find a wide range of options to choose from. This will help you choose the best option for a better career. 

  • Beautiful campus: An alluring campus and a better learning atmosphere at the campus help students study at their fullest potential with a calm and refreshing mind. If you also think the same and are looking for the same, Marywood University will suit you the best because the atmosphere at the university is peaceful, the infrastructure is good and there are parks and gardens on campus where students can hang out during free lectures. 

  • Expert faculty: Marywood University has a faculty that not only has experience in the field but also has a vast practical and theoretical knowledge of the concepts. The faculty members make every possible effort to make learning engaging and easy for the students by linking the concepts with real-world examples. 

Top Courses at Marywood University 

The list of the courses offered by Marywood University is too long but we have mentioned the top courses available at the university: 

  • Architecture and Planning

  • Business and Management Studies 

  • Engineering

  • Science

  • Business Administration

  • Computer Science 

  • Health and Wellness

  • Architecture

  • Biological Sciences 

  • Nursing

  • Psychology

Cost of studying at Marywood University 

Do you want to know how much will it cost to study at Marywood University? If yes, then we have collected the data for you to let you know about an estimation of the cost of studying at the university so that you can arrange the finances in advance: 


Estimated Cost 

Tuition and Fee 


Room and Board 


Other living expenses 


Total cost 


Application Requirements for admission to Marywood University 

If you want to get admission to Marywood University, here are the requirements you need to fulfill first. 

  • Application form

  • Application fee of $80

  • English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo)

  • One Teacher Evaluation

  • Educational transcripts

  • ACT or SAT scores 

  • Letter of acceptance

  • Personal statement

  • Resume(for graduate applicants) 

  • Evidence of funds

  • Copy of passport

  • Letter of intent 

Marywood University IELTS Requirement 

The minimum band score requirement to get admission to Marywood University is 5.5. It is the best opportunity for students with 5.5 band scores as they can apply to the university and follow the desire of studying at a leading university. 

Contact Details

Address: 2300 Adams Ave, Scranton, PA 18509, United States2300 Adams Ave, Scranton, PA 18509, United States

Phone Number: +1 570-348-6211

Email Address: jwadonizio@marywood.edu.

Website: https://www.marywood.edu/


Ques 1) Is it easy to get admission to Marywood University? 

Ans) Yes, the acceptance rate of Marywood University is 82%, so it is easy to get admission to the university. 

Ques 2)What is the total cost of studying at Marywood University? 

Ans) The total cost of studying at Marywood University is $55,479 per year. 

Ques 3)Is a Nursing course available at Marywood University? 

Ans) Yes, a Nursing course is available at Marywood University.